"MENSIYIN" (the forgotten) was launched twenty years ago with the Lebanese missionary, Father Jean Abou Khalife, as a radio program that highlights the tragedy of a marginalized group of society living in the shadows of misery an
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Scientists warn of a decrease in life expectancy of about 9 years due to covid-19
A new study warned that covid-19 could cause a decrease in life expectancy worldwide by up to nine years . The global analysis of life expectancy shows that the epidemic could cause a short-term decline in life expectancy in many regions, including Europe and North America.
150 million additional children plunged into poverty due to COVID-19, UNICEF, Save the Children say
  The number of children living in multidimensional poverty has soared to approximately 1.2 billion due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new UNICEF and Save the Children a
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